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Built as a classical sailing schooner over twenty years ago, Alexa J has enjoyed many calm summers and quiet winters as a private luxury vessel. Built from now rare mulberry wood she was a true classical beauty with a perfect line and that old world charm that only a sailing yacht can have. Refit and redesigned she has become a true marvel.
Alexa J is a unique project. Her classical lines are now the perfect setting for a very modern and unique approach – the ultimate luxury of complete privacy at sea. Designed for one couple, Alexa J is an extravagant dream under white sails. The spaces on her main deck are unique in the world of sailing yachts – the only cabin is over 30 square meters, the living room and the bridge are designed as a perfect set for a James Bond movie. The galley’s oversized lounge is a great place to indulge in gourmet dinner, have a drink with the captain over the sea maps or a proper party with the crew. And though Alexa J is a one cabin boat she is designed to comfortably accommodate a child or even another couple in the beautiful library on the lower deck.
Alexa J was refit in Greece, with the history of world adventurers in mind. Antiques and modern classics are part of every space, the highest quality textiles from around the world were chosen for upholstery and curtains, every detail is creating the setting for the ultimate romantic adventure


Fly bridge
Roof top lounge
Sleeping under the stars area
Yoga and meditation open deck space

The bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe
Living room
The bridge
Open air dining and lounge

Library, study and home theater room
Engine room
Crew cabins

Registered in Madeira, Portugal
Style: Schooner
LOA: 36 meters
Beam: 6,9 meters
Draft: 3,3 meters
Builder: Alter Navis
Designer: Veronika Blomgren
Crew: 5



Just say “The Mediterranean” and every gourmet’s heart will skip a beat. Our chef will take you on a journey through the ocean of flavours, making every single meal a culinary memory to cherish. The best of local produce is freshly sourced during the entire trip, on small village markets and from carefully chosen suppliers – we even know the names of all the children of our favorite fishermen!
Alexa J’s bar carries the famous vintages and the unknown to the crowd local favorites. Have your wine pared for every dish at dinner or choose an extravagant wine tasting to last through the day.
And whenever you are ready to venture out to the villages, we will show you the hidden gems, the small local tavernas, the friendliest and most welcoming people, the unique village festivals and the best tzatziki in the whole world.


Alexa J is spending the summers around the Ionian Islands in Greece. A lifetime would not be enough to explore all the treasures of this part of the world. We will take you on unbeaten paths, on fairytale journeys of Odyssey, to the temples of the ever so cool Greek gods, through idyllic small villages covered in bougainvillea blossoms and to the amazing homes of our local friends.

How about allowing yourself one whole day to forget it all and let one of the most beautiful parts of the world just slowly glide by? Our spa therapist and yoga instructor will turn the stunning open space on the top deck into your private spa at your request.