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Alexa Private Cruises offers unique sailing vacations in Indonesia and Greece aboard two boats: ALEXA and ALEXA J.

The brainchild of Veronika Blomgren, the prominent interior designer & architect, travel writer, and nomad. Veronika enjoyed her first visit to Komodo National Park in Indonesia on a simple fishermen’s boat. Alexa Private Cruises was conceived whilst watching the sunset over the island of Komodo. Veronika had realised that her life had changed forever, and from then it would be connected to the seas and the ships.

Our first vessel, ALEXA, was launched in 2013, and instantly became a celebrity in the yachting world. A traditional Indonesian Phinisi was transformed into the ultimate luxury cruiser – with just one cabin on deck. A dream of absolute privacy at sea became a reality. With 30 meters on deck, ALEXA is the biggest yacht in the world catering for two passengers only. ALEXA is available to charter in Flores, Indonesia, busy with charters in Komodo National Park, Alor, Sumba, Sumbawa and Raja Ampat.

Our second vessel Alexa J launched in July 2019 with her first expeditions in Greece, specifically the Ionian Islands. Alexa J will offer unique sailing vacations in Europe. The concept of one cabin proved to be so successful on ALEXA, there was no hesitation what to do with the next vessel in the fleet. Alexa J is a larger yet equally as luxurious version of her Indonesian sister. With 38 meters on deck, Alexa J is also a bigger boat. Built and designed for charters in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, she is your ultimate private floating retreat.

We don’t want to disclose all the future plans, but a refit of an icebreaker bound for Patagonia is on the drawing board. A traditional Polynesian multihull is another concept, to be based in the Pacific islands. The oceans don’t have any limits.


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Indonesia from US$ 4,345 per night
Greece from €9,000 per night