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ALEXA from US$ 6,499 per night
ALEXA J from US$ 8,299 per night

Alexa Private Cruises provide the best luxury sailing services dedicated to people who are looking for relaxation, unique adventure and amazing moments.  We analyzed your requests and as a result, we created unique services. Firstly our services are unique and secondly, we will change your vision of yacht cruises. In addition, we provide amazing cuisine onboard and you will be able to try the best seafood you ever tried on a boat. In other words, you will enjoy unique dishes prepared by our chafes. If you will contact us for details and bookings, we will ensure that we will provide a good price and above all an amazing experience.  Contact Alexa Private Cruises and get today your quote for desired dates. We are waiting for you on board. In conclusion, contact us (for ALEXA and ALEXA J cruises) and we will take care that your holiday will be the best in your life. With our unique luxury yachts on Indonesia. You will feel the difference between a banal holiday and a luxury one.  In addition, you will have a great experience that will be able to share with all your friends and relatives.