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The first days of a lifetime together are a memory to cherish. What could be a better setting for starting a lifelong journey than the crystal clear ocean and endless blue sky on your very own luxury Greek island private cruises? Wake up to the soft sound of the ocean in the arms of your loved one. Explore the best the Greek islands have to offer, supping on chilled champagne. Spend your days tasting the finest cuisine you could dream of. Your evenings at leisure, watching a glorious sunset after another perfect day.


Alexa J is a very special vessel. Her galley is her biggest secret. The design of this unique space was inspired by the glorious stories of the past. When the pirates were the nobles of the world, out at sea looking for unknown and nonexistent lands. A time when kings and queens were sending their bravest men to find new worlds.

During this most indulgent Greek island private cruises tour, our chef will take you on a very special culinary journey. Enjoy a five-course breakfast on the beach, a salad of perfectly ripe peaches and local feta cheese with freshly baked bread dipped into the best olive oil in the world. For lunch, invite all the crew for our signature apple GTs before dinner. Feast under the stars on the top deck for the culinary experience of a lifetime – and then for a swim in the light of the moon. Simply unforgettable!


You are in Greece, we don’t need to say more. You don’t need to reread Homer, we will take you on a journey to the long-gone past when Gods were cool, men were innocent and daring, and wine was poured freely as a celebration of life. Bring your best walking shoes as you won’t be limited to the seas on your Greek island private cruises!