38 Meters | 4 Passengers | 6 Crew



ALEXA J is the most beautifully designed sailing yacht in Greece. A Superyacht experience, uniquely configured as just one master cabin, she combines uber-stylish interiors and world-class bespoke service with the rare luxury of complete privacy.

ALEXA J is the only yacht in Europe built to accommodate just one couple. With LOA of 38 meters, ALEXA J offers the luxury of unsurpassed space and privacy.

Whether you are going on a honeymoon cruise or a family yachting vacation, you will be amazed by the design and service onboard ALEXA J. With a crew of six, including a private chef, dive instructor and spa therapist, you will enjoy sailing in Greece in absolute privacy and with complete freedom to plan your cruise.

Greek Luxury Yacht Charter

Greek Luxury Sailing Yacht – Sail Greece’s stunning Ionian Islands in style. Spend a day in a beautiful secluded bay and go treasure hunting in unchartered worlds beneath the sea with ALEXA J’s dive instructor. Greek Luxury Sailing Yacht. Let your private chef take you on a culinary journey in your top deck lounge under the dome of stars or ask him to prepare a lavish seafood barbeque on a deserted beach. Take yoga lessons or enjoy a spa treatment on the upper deck.

Greek Ionian Islands – the magical land of Homer and Odysseus – are full of legends and myths! Walk the winding rocky paths of Ithaka and Kefalonia, relax with a glass of great local wine and enjoy the slow traditional life of the sleepy villages. Visit the best wineries and olive oil producers, isolated monasteries and ancient ruins. You will have an unforgettable cruise onboard ALEXA J, the most beautiful sailing yacht in Greece!

Alexa J is a luxury cruises boat that provide excellent services. In other words, you will enjoy unforgettable moments in Greece, for example on the Ionian Islands. Above all, most importantly ist that you certainly will enjoy the freedom, food and hight level services.




Mention “Greece” and every gourmet’s heart will skip a beat. Our chef will take you on a journey through an ocean of flavours, making every single meal a culinary memory to cherish. The best of local produce is freshly sourced during the entire trip. ALEXA J’s wine bar carries the most famous Greek wines and a collection of Ouzo and local liquors. Whenever you are ready to venture out to the villages, we will show you the hidden gems, the small local tavernas. Meet the friendliest and most welcoming people. Delight in the unique village festivals and the best tzatziki in the whole world.




ALEXA J spends her summers cruising around the Ionian Islands in Greece. A lifetime would not be enough to explore all the treasures of this part of the world but a week onboard ALEXA J is the perfect introduction. We will take you on unbeaten paths, on fairytale journeys of Odyssey, to the temples of the Greek gods. We will take you through idyllic small villages covered in bougainvillaea blossoms and to the amazing homes of our local friends.


Allowing yourself one whole day to forget it all and let one of the most beautiful parts of the world just slowly glide by? Our spa therapist and yoga instructor will turn the stunning open space on the top deck into your private spa at your request.


Rooftop lounge
Dining area
Yoga and meditation open deck space


Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe
Living room
The bridge
Open-air dining and lounge


Playroom cabin (accommodation for children) with en suite bathroom
Engine room
Crew quarters


Registered in Pireaus, Greece
Style: Schooner Gulet
LOA: 38 meters
Beam: 7.1 meters
Draft: 2,9 meters
Builder: Alter Navis
Designer: Veronika Blomgren
Crew: 6


Destination - Ionian Islands

The islands of Greece were carefully selected by ALEXA J as her summer retreat. The Mediterranean is an abundant beauty, glorious and desired. The Ionian Islands are a very small part of it, yet big enough for several lifetimes of exploring. Unlike the Aegean Sea, the Ionian is calm and safe, making the yachting vacation pure joy for all the family.

Each of the islands has a distinct landscape and unique history and culture. Mountains are covered with olive and cypress trees, hundreds of incredible beaches are waiting to be explored.
Ancient temples, village festivals and that very special flavour of Ionian lifestyle make the Ionian Sea one of the best sailing destinations in the world.

Corfu, Lefkada, Paxi, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos – doesn’t that sound like a song? Add the smaller, less famous Othoni, Mathraki, Strofades, Erikousa, Antipaxi and there you have an orchestra of adventure.



Celebrate your love with a yachting vacation onboard the most romantic classical schooner in the Mediterranean. Under the auspice of the Goddess Aphrodite, journey along the Ionian Sea and enjoy its unrivalled scenery.

Wake up to the soft sound of the ocean in the arms of your loved one. Spend the morning in one of many isolated bays, swimming in turquoise water, walking on the empty beach hand in hand. Have a wonderful picnic under a hundred-year-old olive tree. Watch the glorious sunset while sipping champagne on your top deck.

Let our chef spoil you with an incredible seven-course tasting dinner. Ask your crew to set up a bonfire on the beach and just lay back and watch the dome of stars, making wishes as another star shoots through the sky.


ALEXA J will take you on a very special journey – into a world of refined food and ancient history. Each day of this cruise is dedicated to one of the Greek Gods: let Aphrodite guide you through the beauty rituals of the ancient Greeks, get inspired by the heroic life of Hercules, join Dionisius for a feast and a wine tasting.

As you are reconnecting with the Greek Gods, your private chef will take you on a very special culinary journey. He is in a constant search for inspiration, for new exciting flavours. Enjoy a lavish breakfast on the beach or your private aft terrace, try a salad of perfectly ripe grilled peaches and local feta cheese with freshly baked bread dipped into the best olive oil in the world. Have a picnic in the olive grove – the wonderfully spiced ceviche, the chilled herbal soup, morning-fresh grilled seafood, homemade strawberry and lime sorbet. Let your chef surprise you with a seven-course tasting dinner in your private dining area on the top deck – right under the stars. Simply unforgettable!


Families with children of all ages are warmly welcomed onboard ALEXA J. Themed around cultural discoveries, adventures and fun, this cruise will suit all generations and enrich your children’s thirst for knowledge and taste for new experiences.

Our dive instructor will help you and your little ones to get comfortable in the water and explore the depths of this magnificent Ionian Sea. Offering games and slow-paced adventures, we will provide time for parents to enjoy their cruise while ensuring children will be excited to explore the local culture and enjoy outdoor activities.


DAY 1 – Zakynthos – The Flower Of The East

DAY 2 – Kefalonia – 50 Shades Of Turquoise

DAY 3 – Ithaca – The Cosmic Delight Of The Ionian Islands

DAY 4 – Atokos, Kastos & Kalamos – The Virgin Flora

DAY 5 – Meganisi, Lefkada & Preveza – The Hidden Depths

DAY 6 – Ambracian Gulf & Acheron River – Deep Into the Myths

DAY 7 – Antipaxos, Paxi & Corfu – The Divine Colours

“The only vessel of her kind to boast such a level of intimacy, gliding through the waves with the ease of a swan and an elegance that belies her past.”
– Vantage Magazine
“I am travelling on ALEXA, probably the most exclusive single cabin boat on the market – not just in Indonesia but anywhere in the world…”
– Financial Times
“ALEXA is not quite of this world. This isn't only because of the ships elegant, pared-back aesthetic, but because of the way it has been configured, making it the ultimate love boat.”
– Vantage Magazine

Indonesia from US$ 4,345 per night
Greece from €9,000 per night